Multi-Rider Classes

Real Course Strength and Endurance
60 to 120 minute rides on courses based on real terrain with gradient variation and inclines and descents – ridden to a formula determined by the ride leader. Designed to improve both strength and endurance.

Hour of Power
Approximately 60 minutes of a few longer intervals of work, occasionally over 100% of FTP) with active recovery.

Approximately 60 Minute of many shorter, more intense (often over 100% of FTP) intervals with active recovery.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test
Single session with an active, robust warm up and then a coached best effort test to determine athlete’s current Functional Threshold Power.

Studio Classes

Functional Strength and Conditioning
30 -60 min sessions focused on run and cycle specific strength and conditioning work. Emphasising stability, form, strength and injury prevention

Yoga for Endurance Athletes
All Level Vinyasa (Flow class)